Thursday, July 15, 2021

See the darkness but don't dwell in it...

 ...Just have fun with it.


If you are a delicate flower, don't read any further.

Left Wing Logic (then and now)

Monday, May 31, 2021

Tails from the Back Seat: Chapter Three

After 14-1/2 years of love, laughter, and loyalty, Jake retired peacefully in Quartzsite this Spring.
Taking over the post of Top Dog is well-trained Wesson and her "sidearm" Smith :-)


Monday, March 22, 2021

Tails from the Back Seat: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

An Ode to Wesson from Jake

Not by birth
But family fate
My sister Wesson 
Is quite a mate 


She's always spunky
And ready to play
It doesn't matter
The time of day

All year round
In snow and sun
Wesson's my girl
Who wants to have fun

As her big brother
There's been much to teach
Poise, Pride, and Confidence
All within reach

Sometimes she's silly
And sometimes she's cool
But let me tell you
She's nobody's fool

Not shy in the slightest
No challenge too great
Her play pals fall often
For taking her bait

A winner by nature
Right from the start
And still to this day
She wins everyone's heart


A clever young pup
And one Halloween
She wanted to be 
A Super Dog Queen

A tablecloth folded
The corner all ate
Resulted in being
The perfect blue cape

She's dashing and daring
And fast on the double
Especially when
She knows she's in trouble

She can act tough
And be quite a poser
But that's just a fake
'Cuz everyone knows her

She's friendly and sweet
And my favorite pal
She likes to have fun
She's one heck of a gal

Happy 4th Birthday, Wesson
Love, Jake


Come on, Jake, she's ready to take the picture

Okay, We're ready now


Hey, wait for me

Sometimes guys just wanna have fun too!


Standing in this cold snow is NOT amusing

Neither is laying on this hot sand


Who says you never get a second chance... make a first impression!!