Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fabulous Fall: Foliage & Football

Without a doubt, the fall grape harvest in Napa Valley is spectacular, with its wine-perfumed air and gilded-leaf vineyards dotting the hillsides.  However, the stunning mosaic foliage of mountain-side forests, crisp nose-tingling air, and electric energy of long-lived football rivalries that accompany the celebration of fall on the East Coast is incomparable!

We have spent the last few weeks following the peak fall foliage season on the East Coast from the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia, to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, to the Cherokee Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in South Carolina...and now we are nestled in the heartland of Georgia, Athens to be specific, where the U of Georgia vs. U of Florida football rivalry perfectly exemplifies the energy of East Coast fall traditions.  And of course there is nothing more sweet than a hometown victory, as the [under] Bulldogs beat the Gators!

The weather has been exceptional, sunny but cool days (perfect for hiking!) and crisp nights, allowing the blazing technicolor leaves to grace the trees for maximum enjoyment.  Fortunately, the path of our travels has managed to skirt the ravages of Storm Sandy up the East Coast and we look forward to the hurricane  season soon ending before we head into Florida for the holidays.

Fall truly is a most spectacular time of year, but only photos truly can do justice to its splendor, enjoy!

P.S.  Don't miss the Halloween greeting from Jake!

Shenandoah Mountains, VA

Hiking along Skyline Drive, VA

Virginia, A Swing State??
Virginia is for Puppies!

Blue Ridge Mountain Homestead ready for Fall
The tapestry of a North Carolina country road

Table Rock Mtn, Cherokee Foothills, South Carolina

The view from Table Rock Mtn

Hiking among the Golden Aspens

Cherokee Foothills, South Carolina

A Tapestry of Technicolor

Quintessential East Coast (Cherokee National Scenic Highway)

View from Sassafras Mtn, highest peak in SC

"The Hedge", UGA Stadium, Athens GA

How 'bout them Dawgs??!!

Happy Halloween from Jake!