Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Open Road

After 16 days at the factory learning how to operate our new home, we were finally ready to leave the nest and strike out on our own. Karly and Jake were also ready to find some new open fields to play in.
As we prepared to hit the road, we knew that our rig would never again look this good or work this well. It's about to get dusty, muddy and be stressed to its limits!
It didn't take long for the Knuckleheads to relax and get used to the rhythm of the road.
Our first stop would be the Atchison State Fishing Lake in Atchison, KS. Kansas maintains public fishing lakes throughout the state. They offer beautiful sites for fishing and, best of all, free camping. Since there are no utilities available at the lakes, it seemed like a good spot to test out our off-grid boon docking skills. Since Atchison was the birthplace and childhood home of Amelia Earhart, it also seemed appropriate to stay there on the 75th anniversary of her disappearance over the Pacific.

We had to negotiate over three miles of steep Kansas farm roads to reach the lake, but were rewarded by having the whole place to ourselves.

After a nice hike in the preserve around the lake, we broke out the dutch oven for the first time and cooked a Mexican feast. We ended the day with a few beers from the Tall Grass Brewery in Manhattan, KS (www.tallgrassbeer.com/ )  a nice sunset, and watching the local family of beaver splash around in the water by our campsite.


  1. This going to be fun following your travels. Good to see you are not doing a "Romney" and putting the dogs on the roof. Still have a few aches and pains but doing real well. Safe and fun travels to you.


    1. We'll try not to do a National Lampoon Vacation either and forget we've tied them up to the back bumper as we drive away!

    2. and dont tie Gramma on the roof!!!!

  2. Everything looks great. Karly and Jake look like puppies again. Gorgeous pictures. I am jealous and happy all at once.

    Did Susan set up the anniversary stay at the lake? She is one to like things like that ;) Geographic center of things, tallest things, giant balls of yarn - ok maybe not that one. Have fun.

  3. Funny DD...we do have the largest ball if
    twine about 40 minites from here...lol

    Guess I missed understood something here because I thought you were in Atchison but then you were in Manhattan....there's quite a distance between them...but no matter...so glad you came to Kansas first! If you are in my area (North central...Salina/Junction City/ Manhattan all 60-75the miles, in KS thats not far...lol... from me) and need anything let me know. Dangrdafne is a special friend and i would be happy to help her family! Sorry you had to experience our lovely storm season a couple weeks ago!

    1. Awe! I got it...in Atchison but drinking Manhattan made beer....lol...sorry a bit slow today, i guess.