Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How Awesome is This?

So far we have been able to find uncrowded off the grid places to camp for free that offer loads of hiking and even some fishing. All we need to do is provide our own water, food, electricity, and waste removal! Whether we are able to find these places after Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the travel season will be the big question.

Since we previously haven't been to any of the places we camp, it's always a little exciting and scary wondering what we'll find. When we rolled into the Soldier Creek Wilderness Area and the Nebraska National Forest in the far NW corner of Nebraska, our expectations were definitely exceeded.

We were all alone at the top of a bluff overlooking a pretty little valley with three creeks.

We did get some company when a couple showed up to do some exploring in the wilderness area with their four mules.

We had a dozen options for 10-12 mile hikes every day. You could hike all day and not see any signs of development. Not even a plane in the sky.

This area was very active in the last major war between the US and the Plains Indians in the 1870s. We were about 7 miles up a dirt road away from Fort Robinson. George Armstrong Custer spent some time here before heading north to meet his fate. Soldiers from Fort Robinson were also responsible for the massacre at Wounded Knee and the capture/death of Crazy Horse. There were a few old military wagon roads through the wilderness area.

We weren't next to the water, but 50 yards away from our rig was this little gem of a creek.

Hiking in all directions you could find little pools teeming with small, wily native brook trout, brown trout and some rainbows.

Native brook trout.

Native brown trout.

We explored the strangely eroded Legend Cliffs which bordered the east side of our valley. We hiked all day for seven days and didn't see any other people.

There were a few little ledges to get out on and sit for a while. This one almost looked like it was made for walking the plank.

Susan didn't feel like checking out the view from the tip (she's the smart one).

The best part was happy hour and the sunset at the end of each day.

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  1. Wow, Wow and Wow.

    Now THAT I could do for awhile. All that peace and quiet. Gorgeous pictures for a gorgeous place.

    My father would be so proud of your fishing expedition.