Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tails from the Back Seat: BLM & Free(dom) for All

We like to travel with John and Susan, but when we pull into a campground, we have to admit, our hearts drop...that means we have to be on leashes, we have to be quiet, and we can't do our business just any ol''s kind of a drag.  
But when we hear them say BLM, it means a free for all...oh, we mean freedom for all :-) !!!  Fortunately, since we've been out west, BLM is the norm and campgrounds are few and far between! 

We know the acronym stands for Bureau of Land Management, which to John and Susan means freedom from the grid (and free camping), but to us it means a free for all, Barking Loudly and Madly as we get to chase squirrels, rabbits, and each other...generally creating all kinds of mayhem as we roam freely to our hearts content!  BLM spots always have interesting sights and smells, as well as interesting tastes (although those usually get us in trouble), and miles and miles of land and water to explore.  Of course, we are never allowed out of sight, but just knowing we could be if we wanted to is the best freedom we could ask for!

We hope you experience our "free for all" through the following photos taken on BLM land near the Great Basin National Park in Nevada...can't you just hear us Barking Loudly and Madly??????!!!!!
Oh, there's a trail I'm supposed to be on??

Yes, Jake, get over here!

Come on, John, catch up!!!
We can really use a drink...

...and a swim!!

OK, Susan, we'll pose for a photo...

...or two

Until the next time....

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  1. LOL ... love the BLM from the dogs point of view!

    Enjoy following your travels.