Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tails from the Back Seat: Mutts and Butt(e)s and Mesas too!

Pictures can say a thousand words...Happy Dog Day Afternoon in Utah!

...just a walk in the park for our pal Rupert 
A hike in Zion is not...

He finally realizes his folly...

...but wait...
...Blue to the rescue!!

Enuf shenanigans, let's get on with our walk!

Karly in a moment of quiet contemplation...
...before Jake comes on the scene
There's no walking softly while carrying a big stick for these dogs!

C'mon, how 'bout just one more???

Okay, now we'll pose

Flying Monkey Mesa, Virgin, UT, where fighter jet ejection seats were designed and tested in the 1950's.  To ensure that the rocket seats were safe, chimpanzees were strapped into the rocket-propelled upholstery.  Whew, it's good to be a dog!!

What a difference a day makes.  Winter weather arrives on the Mesa...

...time for us to leave

Uh Oh, we may become sled dogs...

...but all's well that end's well...goodbye Utah!


  1. Hi, I saw a comment you made on wines in BCBs blog and my ears perked up, so here I am. We've been full time RVers for years, from the Bay Area, and spend a lot of time in Sonoma. Good to hear you're enjoying this great lifestyle!

    1. Hi Lynda. We're Bay Area refugees as well. We'll be back in Napa and Sonoma for a quick visit in April. We're trying our first Quartzsite trip right now. We chose the more "secluded" spot of Plomosa Road north of Q. It's quieter up here and we aren't surrounded by the caravan groups you see all over the place. I don't know if we'll come back next year. We ended up spending way too much money at the markets.