Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bright Lights, Big Sell-Outs

We take great pride in such things as never needing to plug into the grid
(the last time was nine months ago), seeing how long we can go without needing to hook up and go dump our tanks (so far our record is six weeks), and seeing how cold the weather can get outside before we need to turn on the heat inside (so far, 9 degrees outside along with 41 degrees inside).

So now we find ourselves plugged in at the Circus Circus RV park right on the Strip in Las Vegas. For the next 13 days we'll have unlimited electricity, endless hot showers, be eating at some very fine restaurants (including the best pizza East of NYC), and endure the diverse crowds that flock to this "impressive" metropolis over the holidays. I suppose we should feel guilty about all of this indulgence, but it's for a good cause. We'll be spending the holidays with relatives from Pennsylvania.

A free doggie spa station is a nice benefit as well.

 Ah yes, Christmas and New Year's in Las Vegas.

By January 2nd we should be camped all alone out in the middle of the desert once again!

Meanwhile, at our place up in Idaho it may not be a very white Christmas this year. It seems to be warmer in Northern Idaho than it has been in Nevada. The elk herds are having a good time cutting trails across the valley floor as they move between our place up on the bench and the water ditch down below.
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