Saturday, February 6, 2016

Four Years in the (Super Bowl) Wilderness

In our four years on the road, it seems we always end up in some remote spot for the Super Bowl. From a sky island in the middle of a Florida to a high desert plateau in Arizona, we end up watching the game in private. The spots are good enough that we spend anywhere from 16-24 days in the place. 

The Super Bowl camping spot has become our own pseudo Walden Pond. What's more quintessentially modern-American than combining the Super Bowl with self-reliance, independence, solitude, and nature?

Thoreau probably wouldn't agree, but what's wrong with inviting the "modern" world into your own personal Walden Pond for one day each year? We always have a food theme. In the past it's been dishes such as elk stew and oyster/smoked turkey gumbo. This year its Carolina Pulled Pork and Panther Pierogis with a Russian River Zinfandel. Go Blue!

Super Bowl 47
Ravens 34, 49ers 31
Ocala National Forest, Florida
The lights went out, but the Ravens still held on for the win.

Super Bowl 48
Seahawks 43, Broncos 8
Mittry Lake Wildlife Area (BLM), Arizona
It's hard to find a private, secluded spot at Mittry, but we managed. The Broncos didn't fare so well.

Super Bowl 49
Patriots 28, Seahawks 24
BLM, Why, Arizona
Helped by dumb Seahawk play calling, The Patriots lucked out in the Deflate Gate Bowl.

Super Bowl 50
Las Cienegas National Conservation Area (BLM), Arizona
One of the quietest spots we've ever been in, and the grasslands are easy on the dogs' paws.

Prediction: Panthers 31, Broncos 17

Panthers cover the spread.
At 45 points, take the over.

Broncos 24, Panthers 10
The Broncos take care of business decisively and Peyton Manning gets to go out on top. A true fairy tale ending.


  1. We checked that place out last winter and no doubt you're enjoying the solitude. We ended up spending more time at Whitewater Draw for me to photograph sandhill cranes. Have a great game day... Go Broncos!

    1. We're most likely heading to Whitewater Draw next. We usually don't have a team in the Super Bowl, so we need to fabricate something every year to make it seem more interesting. Carolina is the theme this year. Hopefully we'll live long enough to see the Philadelphia Eagles win one someday!

    2. Maybe, but based on history and the facts, I like my chances.

      Look at just three years ago in the NFL:
      The Broncos didn't have a very good defense.
      The Panthers weren't a very good team.
      Chip Kelly was a coaching genius who was going to transform NFL offensive schemes.

      Four years ago the Ravens won the Super Bowl and now look at them.

      In 1977, the Eagles were the worst team in the NFL. In 1980 they were in the Super Bowl.
      In 1999, a very bad Eagles team drafted Donovan McNabb with the second overall pick in the draft. In 2004 they were in the Super Bowl.

      There's not enough space here to show all the examples of team turnarounds in short periods of time.
      The NFL has become a league where any team can go from worst to first relatively quickly.