Monday, April 10, 2017

Unfinished Business in Zion

Last November we spent a free day at Zion National Park and hiked a half dozen trails with the vertiginous Angels Landing being the highlight. One trail we missed was the Observation Point trail. Since we were passing through the area on our way back to Northern Idaho, we decided to try another early morning, perfect weather, beat the crowds, trip to Zion.

Observation Point is an interesting hike because you actually climb above Angels Landing and look down onto it. The views from the top are the classic scenes of Zion. At just over eight miles and 2,400 feet of elevation gain, it's a comfortable four hour hike. By starting early and finishing by lunch, we were able to hike it alone and be alone at the top. One the way down, we passed hundreds of hikers heading up the hill.

Starting out in the canyon on a nice cool morning.

Climbing through the slots toward the sun.

About half way up you reach eye level with Angels Landing across the valley.

At the top you get to look down and mock the insignificant hikers on top of Angels Landing (dark colored ridge in the lower right of the photo).

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