Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tails from the Back Seat: Let Sleeping Dogs...Fly

Here we are in Sidney, Montana for the 2016 Sugar Beet Harvest.  John and Susan work the night shift so we end up sleeping all day when they sleep and all night when they work.  

Most of our canine pals would love this life but we are more adventurous than most--always "Searchin' for a Rainbow".

For us, about the only thing Sidney has going for it is it's right across the border from North Dakota and North Dakota is where our Phab Philadelphia Eagles QB, Carson Wentz, is from.  So when we sport our latest Eagles swag from Aunt Sharon in the municipal park, we are as much a local favorite as the Philadelphia Eagles...that doesn't happen in too many places in the US!

Oooooo, he's even got good taste in dogs!

Coming off a win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, John was more than excited to showcase his Philly pride by taking us to the park bedecked in our new Eagles bandanas.  He promised some ball throwing, Susan wanted some photo ops.  
Not to let either down....

We scrimmaged....

We tackled....

We rushed upfield.... 

And down.... 

We intimidated....

And we spotted too....

Then we posed....A LOT!!

 Until Karly...

You think this photo session is almost done?

Committed a personal foul....

Sorry, I couldn't wait

   Ooooo,that stinks!!
Really?  I feel good!

And Jake punted...Game Over!!

 Phew, I'm outta here!!

It was a Super Bowl of outings, hope our Eagles continue to fare as well!!

 Fly, Eagles Fly!
On the road to victory!
Fly, Eagles Fly!
Score a touchdown
1, 2, 3!

Hit 'em low,
Hit 'em high,
And watch our Eagles fly!
Fly, Eagles, Fly!
On the road to victory!



  1. Hope the Bye week is helpful. Fly Eagles. Dogs look good. Have Fun ..Jim

  2. Damn Eagles!
    Dogs (not children) are the reason digital cameras were invented.