Monday, November 7, 2016

Will We Burn on Tuesday?

Election day is finally upon us. Thankfully, it will soon be over and we can get back to our long, slow decline as a nation. Each side will say that their candidate will reverse the decline, but if you look through clear, non-partisan glasses, it's easy to see the country has already crossed the Rubicon with regard to our finances and any semblance of the rule of law.

What's interesting this year is that we have two very different candidates. One a status quo, consummate insider and the other an outsider who claims he will "drain the swamp" and pass congressional term limits. One has successfully branded his opponent as "crooked" and the other has successfully branded her opponent as "the second coming of Hitler". As usual, the truth is hidden in between there somewhere.

There has been a lot of talk about the chaos that will ensue following this election. Will democrats riot in the streets and turn our cities into debris if Trump wins? Will republicans form militias and talk about armed revolution if Clinton wins? Both sides have already fanned the flames by citing "proof" of potential election rigging.

The news tells us there have been polling irregularities in the past. Even President Obama talked about them in his 2012 stump speeches (especially in Ohio). But they were not supposed to have been significant enough to affect the outcome of an election (with the possible exceptions of Kennedy Vs. Nixon and Bush Vs. Gore). With the huge upside of winning and the low odds and cost of getting caught, this is an election ripe for shenanigans.

Hopefully the losing Trump or Clinton supporters will keep their cool. If not, we're happy to be watching the next several days from a remote boondocking site in Southern Utah.

Have fun and stay safe on Tuesday!


  1. I'm still enjoying your random posts -- although I've fallen down on my blog-reading lately. I wish I had realized you were close to Bonners Ferry; we spent a month in Libby, MT this year & ran into Bonners Ferry one day. Man, we were SO CLOSE!

    I, along with you, am very glad we aren't too close to any large population center. Phoenix is the closest, & it's about 50 miles out. Hopefully that's far enough... I am also very glad that I'm as old as I am, because this is not my country anymore. I vacillate between being angry & being unbelievably depressed.

    We enjoy all the puppy photos! We had to let our Bailey girl go this summer; she was with us for 16-1/2 years, and I still miss her every day. Casey (the Sheltie) is still hanging in there, & having to suck up the extra attention --much to his dismay.

    Remember that we're just outside Wickenburg at North Ranch, if you get in our neck of the woods. Take care.

    Renee Zittel (fellow Horizoneers)

    1. Sorry to hear about Bailey girl. 16+ years is a long life. Karly is going to be 13 next June. We're hoping she makes it back to Idaho and to that birthday. We head over to Libby a couple of times each year. It's about an hour away from our place. In between trips to MT and Junction City you need to stop in next year! If we make it to the Wickenburg area this winter we'll let you know.